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Join us in Music City USA
for NASTC’s 25th Annual Conference

Driving Forward & Leading the Way

NASTC is gearing up for our silver anniversary conference, but we think this year’s lineup is solid gold!

We are excited to officially announce our keynote speakers, renowned author, speaker and consultant Dr. Gerald D. Bell and former NFL player, coach and analyst Dan Reeves.

NASTC’s goal for our members has always been to give them a competitive edge and level the playing field. The transportation industry has become increasingly difficult over the past several years. This year’s conference- Driving Forward & Leading the Way- will aim at giving our member’s an even larger competitive advantage.

‘Driving Forward’- in an industry relentlessly plagued with over regulation how can we, as small company owners, adhere and succeed.

‘Leading the Way’- how can we take the challenges and inequities we face and excel where others fail.

Use this year’s speaker line-up as an opportunity to have your company attendees hear speakers, trainers, and experts who are truly unparalleled within not only this industry, but business as a whole. We hope that you will leave the weekend with new ideas and solutions to apply to your small business. This year’s conference is a “cannot miss.” We encourage all members, brokers and vendors to plan for the full three-day attendance.


Looking Ahead to 2015
by David Owen

Dear Member:
As NASTC closes another year’s chapter on its 25th anniversary, we look back with pride on our amazing story. At our current pace of growth we will eclipse 5,000 member companies in early 2015. Thank you for being a most meaningful part of this truly American success story.

As we move into 2015, we intend to continue to expand our programs and services to better serve you. There are several areas that I believe deserve your attention and below, I’ll list a few:

-Express your support for the COLLINS AMENDMENT to the up-coming Highway Bill.

Rarely do we have the opportunity for the industry to pretty much speak with one voice and this is that rare opportunity. This amendment would roll back the two changes in the hours-of-service regulation, i.e., the mandatory thirty-minute break and the changes in the 34-hour restart rule. This amendment in effect would force FMCSA to return to the original HOS regulation until studies are completed that prove the changes’ value. This should have been done prior to implementation and wasn’t.

A survey of NASTC’s members regarding the impact of the Hours-of-Service rule this past summer confirms this regulation’s profound adverse harm on small carriers:

84% of respondents felt they are forced to run more miles and hours in city traffic during times when traffic is heavy.

82% felt the latest HOS rule decreases HOS compliance and increases logging errors.

77% felt the new 34-hour restart changes contracts and routes and results in at least a 5% decrease in loaded, legal miles.

73% felt that drivers have to take their restart away from home more often.

70% felt the changes require the company to add drivers, trucks, and/or trailers to maintain current levels of production.

65% felt the required 30-minute uninterrupted break reduces weekly production.

61% felt the problems created by different time zones in the 34-hour restart makes accurate logging and enforcement more difficult.

85% felt their ability to find parking that is safe for drivers and the public is hampered.

Please take the time to call 202-225-3131 (House) and 202-224-3121 (Senate) the Congressional switchboard, ask for your Congressman or Senator, and simply request they support the Collin’s Amendment. Your call will make a difference.

-If you’re on our drug testing program, you can easily choose to include our apnea solution as part of that program by simply filling out some paperwork. If you’re not on our drug and alcohol testing program, now would be an excellent time to make that change. You will not find a superior option regardless of your size.

-Our Management & Safety Program (MSP) has been in existence long enough to begin getting validation to its effectiveness. Companies on this program are twice as healthy regarding compliance, insurance, and CSA as NASTC members of like size who are not participating.

-Across the board, our most challenging area of compliance is in the hours of service BASIC. A very large portion of that problem has to do with “form and function” errors and poor log audit protocol. The companies who have added “BigRoad” to their safety solution have seen these hours of service and log audit problems evaporate. You can provide this solution and still remain on paper logs if you choose -- you will not have to go on ELD’s until sometime in 2017 and, BigRoad can become an ELD simply by putting a printer in the truck at that time.

-MYSTC Software (Managing Your Small Trucking Company) is the best and most intuitive management solution for any long-haul company with one to one hundred power units.

-Our Quality Plus fuel program (QPN) continues to prove itself as the best fuel program in the land for companies of all size.

There are many other programs that are available to you as a NASTC member. Please take the time to consult our Product/Services Book and Contact Information publication, utilize our website, or call our “totally free” number 800-264-8580 to get re-involved in 2015. Remember, every time you use one of our services, you strengthen the effectiveness of our entire offering.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015.

Some cool things to look for as a NASTC member in 2015

•A roll-back in the 34-hour re-start rule until someone besides NASTC does a study that confirms the damage done to productivity with little or no improvement in the safety numbers.
•Some flexibility returned to the hours of service through split sleep berth usage.
•Delineation between HOS for trucks and buses, limos and motor coaches.
•Recognition by the regulators and enforcement community that a driver didn’t sign up for martial law, harassment, guilt through association or lack of due process when he or she earned his or her commercial driving license.
•A workable method to determine at-fault crash causation for trucking companies as it is applied to safety numbers (CSA).
•A realization from top to bottom that the one man, one truck, one trailer business model is possibly the safest, most efficient and most profitable company design in trucking, and that the attack on independent contractors at the state and federal levels is counter-productive in our industry.
•The realization that increasing insurance coverage minimums is detrimental to small business, inflationary juxtaposed to tort reform, discriminatory to companies not wealthy enough to self-insure, and totally unnecessary. Only 1 percent of the claims ever surpass the current $750,000 minimum coverage limit.
•NASTC will reach the 5,000 member threshold by Spring 2015.
•NASTC’s (voluntary, non-regulated) Sleep Apnea solution will prove to be the program of choice for companies of all size. It will protect the CDL of our million-mile driver, protect the company owner from discriminatory or negligent hiring practices, will actually free-up, litigation-wise, the certified medical examiners, and in the end allows drivers who need treatment to get that treatment on their own terms without jeopardizing their ability to make a living.
•NASTC will develop master-level safety training and certification for safety directors and many, many more!

We are only limited at this stage of evolution by our imagination and your continued support as a member company.

Any information collected on this website may be shared with any NASTC Vendor partner.

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