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Declaration of David Owen, President
National Association of Small Trucking Companies
Lawsuit Against FMCSA - 11/5/2012
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Highway Toll Hikes Inflate Prices, Slow Recovery
By BRIANNA EHLEY, The Fiscal Times
September 26, 2012

As the gap between federal highway improvements and state transportation needs continues to widen, some states are quietly jacking up tolls to finance repairs, light rail projects and bridge maintenance.

This tactic by the states in response to a virtual freeze on federal gasoline tax revenues and the recent five percent reduction in federal transportation funds for the coming fiscal year is having a significant impact on commerce – especially the trucking industry – and could prove to be another drag on the economy as average Americans get hit with higher fees.

“States are using diversionary tactics to increase revenues without claiming it as a direct tax, which has been very devastating to the trucking industry,” said David Owen, president of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies. “We’re getting to where we’ll have to create a surcharge, which will inflate shipping, and the price will just go downstream to the consumer,” Owen said.


New Entrant Survival Training Class

June 6, 2012
(code name NEST) has been going on now for over three years, the 3rd Friday of every month at NASTC headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The underlying mantra for its inception came from David Owen, one of NASTC’s founders as he continually asked himself, “How can we help these small, start-up companies grow from two to twenty trucks without going broke?”

When the NEST classes first started, only one in ten start-ups made it through their first year. NEST class graduates are doing much better now and are close to reversing that number.

The main theme of the course is about creating and developing a sound business plan that calls for intelligent and patient growth, finding, hiring, training, and retaining “million-mile” drivers, maintaining one’s rolling stock with a consistent and straight forward preventive maintenance program, and developing a superior safety and compliance culture from the first turn of the wheel.

Though the program was initially aimed at new entrants, owner-operators with one truck who want to run under their own authority, companies with less than five trucks, or any company with “growing pains” can all benefit from the class, and appreciate its value.

Here are some of the comments NASTC has received from graduates:

“Excellent – time well spent! I knew there had to be a smarter, better way to create the infrastructure to grow a trucking company, and now I’ve found it.”
- Wade, TX

“Very informative, concise, and up to date information. I will be recommending your program to all drivers.”
- Paul, TX

“I was just coming for the fuel part, but I will probably take advantage of all the benefits. The program was very well put together.”
- Ben, CA

“Lots of good information for people starting a new company or a great resource for help with compliance, fuel management, and safety issues for an existing company.”
- Dennis & Michelle, IN

“Great insight and advice. I wish I had done this a year ago when I started. I love the fuel purchasing program. I look forward to working with you!”
- Marcin, IL

“Oustanding-worth the price and effort.”
- RJ, MI

“The class was extremely helpful and full of great information.”
- Amy, FL

“Thank you for the tools you have given our company. I have a better idea about where we are and where and how we can reach our goals.”
- Helen, NC

“Wow!! An enormous amount of information and what looks like a great deal. I’m looking forward to working with my new business partners.”
- Walter, MA

“This meeting was very informative, organized, and entertaining.”
- Deshon, FL

“Great program, presentation. I am interested in every part of the program.”
- Josue, FL

“Eye opening! This will be the best $250 I have spent professionally.”
- Eric, VA

“This course has given me more information to change from a fleet lease owner to a company with its own authority. Thanks for the great info. Thank you for investing in me!”
- Ken, OH

“Recommend this mini seminar for all owner operators. Worth the $250 for today. Thank you, can’t wait to get started!”
- James, TX

“Extremely valuable day. Thanks!!”
- Scott, TN

“Was very educational for me. I will tell others about it. Very knowledgeable speakers. I love it!”
- Charles, GA

“What fun! Very informative and forward seeing! A path to success.”
- Mark, MT

“I came kicking and screaming but learned a great deal.”
- Dale, PA

“The class was very informative. We are working on getting equipment and our MC number. This was one of the best classes we have ever taken. Thank you for everything!”
- Gibson & Gloria, MD

“Enjoyed the training, look forward to connecting the dots to a successful business!!”
- Chad & Linda, NC

“It was very informative. I feel confident that NASTC is the small trucking companies savior.”
- Charles, TX

David Owen On Fox

Pilot Shortage

I just heard about the impending PILOT SHORTAGE and the new regulatory requirement for 1500 hours to qualify – five times the existing requirement.
This “over-kill” change is being imposed on an industry that went over a DECADE without a commercial fatality.  This is an industry where the unions and regulatory restrictions have bankrupted airline after airline.

It’s gotten to where baggage handlers are making more than entry-level pilots.  Experts are saying “why would anyone in this environment want to aspire to become a pilot.”  Young people aren’t showing up.  The average age of pilots is growing older and older.

Does this sound familiar?  Why would anyone in their right mind want to become a doctor?

And, really why would anyone want to be a professional truck driver?

I’ve said many times, there is something far worse than $6.00 –$8.00 per gallon fuel and that is NOT BEING ABLE TO BUY FUEL at any price.

Think about it------------

A shortage in pilots
A shortage in doctors
A shortage in professional drivers
A shortage of fuel
A shortage of refineries
A shortage of capital and credit
A shortage in jobs

It may just require GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION AND NATIONALIZATION to save ourselves from ourselves.

Just a thought-------------

David Owen
President, NASTC
Gallatin, TN 37066



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