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Click the image below to take an online demo module.

Online Driver Training Demo

Our driver training program consists of 8 different modules:

Avoiding Collisions at Intersections
Avoiding Collisions While Backing
Avoiding Collisions While Changing Lanes
Driving After Dark: Avoiding Fatigue and Using Night Vision
Managing Your Time and Speed
Preventing Rear-End Collisions
Winter Driving
Avoiding Distracted Driving

With your enrollment in NASTC’s Driver Training Program you would have access to all 10 training modules via the Internet and any modules added in the future. Each module is 25-30 minutes long and includes a 10-item test at the end of the module.  Upon successful completion of the module and the subsequent test, the employee is given an opportunity to print a certificate to include in their driver file. This certificate would provide prima facie evidence that your company has a pre-employment driver training as well as on-going driver training in place as standard operating procedure and to prove your commitment to safety.

If you would like to take a module as a demo completely free of charge please click the image above.

Driver Training Certificate


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