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Fuel Tax

We catch driver errors before the auditors do! Our fuel tax reporting systems and procedures protect you from tax and penalty assessments that may result from audits.

MSP also helps reduce your overall tax liabilities through:
  • Management reports that enhance your fleet controls
  • Unit and trip numbers reported each period
  • MPGs, taxes, and over/under reports by unit, location, and fleet
  • Prompt filing of taxes or refunds for guaranteed maximum refunds
  • Representation at audits
  • Paper trail on your operation and our service
  • Pre-audit and entry of driver trip data
  • Location of missing gap miles
  • Miles, fuel, and tax reports by unit, location, and fleet
  • Copies of tax returns and checks
  • Quarterly tax summary report
  • Assistance in reducing tax expense

The results of MSP Fuel Tax Reporting are timely filings and smooth penalty-free operations

Log Auditing

Our log auditing reports make it easy to enforce regulations.

Our service provides:
  • Accurate reports on driver’s hours of service that pinpoint driver errors or violations
  • Custom-tailored disciplinary letters
  • Driver and management training which reduces your exposure to fines, accidents, and costly legal actions
  • Pre-audit and entry of log data
  • Identification of driver and fleet log violations

Our log audit system assures that your drivers are in compliance with DOT Safety Regulations. It will provide you with management information that enable you to evaluate your driver's effectiveness.

Driver Qualification File Maintenance

We not only insure completeness, but we exceed the federal regulations of minimum necessary documents.

Our Service Provides:
  • 16 additional documents entered each year in the areas of training and safety.
  • Expiration dates and renewals are monitored for timely filing.
  • Periodic audit for content

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