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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Quality Plus Network

Over the past five years NASTC members in the Quality Plus Network fuel program saved an average of .455/gallon for their fuel.

All NASTC customers have specific, road-related needs, like fuel and maintenance, but, the long-haul nature of driving requires special solutions, that is why the Quality Plus Network (QPN) was designed.

QPN is a limited network fueling program that provides trucking companies and their drivers with some of the highest quality stops available. All transactions are computed on a cost-plus, retail minus, or marquee price whichever is better for the trucking company at the point of sale, ensuring fair pricing to the trucking company every time. In addition to the cost-plus program, you are not charged a transaction fee for fuel or merchandise purchased within the network.

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Pricing is just one part of the fuel buying equation that is addressed by QPN; the Q is for Quality. When your company participates in the Quality Plus Network, your drivers will have access to some of the finest truck stops in the country. Many of you would probably be upset with a driver that purchased fuel at one of the higher quality stops and paid a premium for the fuel. When your driver is buying at QPN stops he will have access to high quality stops with many of the amenities that drivers need to make their lives on the road a little more bearable, and the fuel they purchase at these stops will have the QPN guaranteed fair pricing. So, your company not only realizes a saving on your fuel bill, you get a healthier and happier driver at the same time. With QPN the driver has options. He will be able to purchase fuel along his route and make his fuel purchasing decisions based on whether it’s time to rest, eat or just fuel and get back on the road. We monitor the price to ensure you always pay a fair price.

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1300+ Total QPN Locations

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Erik Lamb
Director of Fuel Management

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