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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Drug & Alcohol Testing

When trucking was first ordered to implement drug testing programs NASTC developed a program to protect our members from the high cost of compliance with the new rules.
As we constructed our program with both economy and compliance in mind we delivered to our members a turnkey program that insured compliance at a reasonable cost. Then came the new rules; the switch over to Part 382 not only called for the addition of alcohol testing programs but also required much more from our existing drug testing program including supervisor training, company policy requirements and more.

As these changes took effect we upgraded our program to cover the new rules. Today we are proud to have what we think is the best drug and alcohol testing program in the country. The key components of this program are as follows:

Alcohol Testing

Regulations require more in-depth training to conduct alcohol tests than you need to collect urine. We are certified instructors in alcohol testing for both Breath Alcohol Testing Technician (BAT) and Screening Test Technician (STT.) We currently recommend that our members who wish to conduct their alcohol testing on-site get trained as a STT using the QED Saliva Alcohol Tests. We can provide all the needed training and supplies to implement this program.

Company Policy

We provide all members participating in our drug and alcohol testing program with a copy of our generic company policy that they can have customized for their company or use as a guide to develop their own policy. Part 382 requires the promulgation of a policy with specific content and further requires that policy to be distributed to all drivers.

Quarterly Random Selections

We provide all NASTC members participating in our drug and alcohol testing program with quarterly random selections. Our members provide us with a driver roster at the beginning of each quarter and we make the selections for both drug and alcohol testing and notify them of those selections by confidential letter. By allowing us to make your random selections you avoid regulatory scrutiny as to the random selection process and avoid arguments from drivers that are selected since you didn't do it, we did.

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Our Medical Review Officer is N. K. Singh. Dr. Singh graduated from the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and completed his residency at St. Thomas Hospital in Ohio.  Dr. Singh is a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and is board certified in Occupational Medicine. His credentials, background, and years of practical experience make him the best MRO available anywhere.  Dr. Singh is also a member of the AAMRO.


Members are charged a minimal per drug test fee. This fee includes the MRO costs, the laboratory testing, the supplies, unlimited support, and the cost of transporting the urine to the laboratory. It does not include collection costs, but we encourage all participating members to collect on-site and will train the personnel at your company to collect in accordance with the regulatory guidelines in Parts 40 and 382.


We use Quest Diagnostics with laboratories located in various cities across the country. They are certified by SAMHSA.

Statistical Information

We provide all required semi-annual laboratory statistical reports and supply you with the needed MIS forms for your own reports.

Supervisors Training

We have available a Reasonable Suspicion Training Program that meets all the regulatory requirements of Part 382. All supervisory personnel must have this training and proof of on file to be in compliance.

For More Information Please Contact:
Nicole Gifford

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