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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Management & Safety Program

A Bundled Safety & Risk Management Program


  • Assists in the goal of finding, hiring, and keeping excellent drivers

  • Sends powerful message to insurance companies, shippers, FMCSA and the driving public that your company has a healthy & vibrant safety culture

  • Lowers your CSA scores

  • Lowers your insurance premiums and improves your loss runs

  • Improves litigation resolution when something bad happens

  • Creates great audit resolution

  • Limits the number of non-driver (non-revenue producing) employees


  • Allows small carriers to participate in a large volume fuel purchasing program

  • Lowers insurance costs

  • Allows ownership to concentrate time, money, and resources towards finding better-paying freight and better drivers


  • More data, more reports, more knowledge to help make better decisions

  • Improves cost per mile and operating ratio

  • Limits administrative costs

  • Decreases errors and duplication of work

  • Will increase average rate per miles

  • Improves lane analysis

Your one-stop-shop for safety and compliance!

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Driver Training
Driver Monitoring
Convenient, cost effective safety meetings
MVR Monitoring
Log Auditing and BigRoad
Driver File Qualification Alerts
MYSTC Software

Reduces your company’s overhead costs in:

Fines issued by the DOT

Your company will not only be safer, but also more compliant with FMSCA regulations.

Taxable wages

No new employees! These programs are monitored by NASTC employees.

Can lower insurance premiums.

Implementing these safety programs will help lower your insurance premiums over time.

You find the freight and we’ll handle the rest!

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Kate Shariati
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