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NASTC - National Association of Small Trucking Companies

Who We Are

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies® (NASTC) was founded in 1989 by David Owen and Buster Anderson to establish an active association for small trucking companies, nationwide, that serves as an advocate for, a consultant to, and a source for collective buying power for its member companies. NASTC leads a strong lobbying effort on behalf of small trucking companies and, like our members, is committed to safety, compliance and technological advancements that improve and simplify the transportation industry.
NASTC exists to help our member companies save money!
Every program we develop is designed to provide efficiencies that allow more dollars to find their way to the bottom line.

What We Do

We approach the vendor community and negotiate for the purchase of products and services based on the potential volume of our entire group. Because we currently represent over 13,000+ trucking companies that operate more than 156,000+ power units, our potential volume is very attractive to most vendors.

By endorsing the vendor, we provide a valuable marketing service to them while saving our members bottom line dollars on the things they need to run their businesses. The vendor gains customers that they often cannot afford to pursue on their own; the trucking company buys the product and/or service at a price that is less than they would normally pay, and we take another step towards making the competitive playing field a little more level.